All talks will be at DIMA-DISI, via Dodecaneso 35, Genova. [Printable Version]

Plenary talks will be in Lecture Room 506, 5th floor. Parallel sessions will be also in Lecture Rooms 706 and 705, 7th floor. Each lecture room is provided with a blackboard, a projector connected to a computer, and a slide projector.
It is useful to remember that the main entrance to the building is on the 6th floor. Lecture rooms are one level down or one level up from the main entrance.

Please take note that the time alloted for an invited talk is 50 minutes, that for a contributed talk in a plenary session is 30 minutes, and that for a contributed talk in a parallel session is 25 minutes. The program shows only the start time of each event.
Sunday, 20 June
17:00 Registration desk opens at Terrazze del Ducale (directions)
18:30 Welcome reception at Terrazze del Ducale
19:30 Registration desk closes
21:00 Welcome reception ends
Monday, 21 June
9:00 G. Janelidze
Invited talk: Advances in semi-abelian categorical algebra
10:00 D. Rodelo
10:35 coffee break
11:00 D. Bourn
11:35 T. van der Linden
12:10 J. Goedecke
12:45 lunch
14:30 P. Taylor
Parallel Sessions
15:05 M. Clementino N. Duncan K. Segrt
15:35 T. Janelidze N. Novakovic S. Szawiel
16:05 coffee break
16:30 I. Stubbe N. Ackerman R. Gonzalez
17:00 T. Kenney A. Akhvlediani S. Willerton
17:30 J. Egger D. Petrisan  
18:00 end
Tuesday, 22 June
9:00 M. Weber
Invited talk: Lax monoidal categories and higher operads
10:00 R. Garner
10:35 coffee break
11:00 E. Riehl
11:35 R. Brown
12:10 J. Frey
12:45 lunch
14:30 R. Wood
Parallel Sessions
15:05 S. Vickers J. Gray Y. Poveda
15:35 R. Guitart P. Schuster L. Albergante
16:05 coffee break
16:30 M. McCurdy R. Leal F. Zalamea
17:00 C. Pisani J.R. Montanez I. Bakovic
17:30 I. Lopez    
18:00 end
Wednesday, 23 June
9:00 M. Menni
Invited talk: The Hopf algebra of Möbius intervals
10:00 F. Marmolejo
10:35 coffee break
11:00 T. Leinster
11:35 T. Fiore
12:10 F. Lamarche
12:45 lunch
14:30 S. Niefield
Parallel Sessions
15:05 D. Hofmann D. Oury A. Agore
15:35 E. Burroni T. Booker G. Militaru
16:05 coffee break
16:30 M. Zawadowski G. Cruttwell  
Special event
17:00 A. Ehresmann
18:00 end

Conference dinner
20:30 Dinner at Archivio di Stato (menu)
Thursday, 24 June
9:00 J. Kock
9:35 S. Lack
10:10 coffee break
10:35 H.‑E. Porst
11:10 M. Batanin
11:45 J. Rosicky
12:20 end
Guided tours
visit of the old town (starts 16:00, ends 18:30 approx.)/
trip to Camogli (starts 14:20, ends...)/
hike in Portofino natural park

Friday, 25 June
9:00 O. Caramello
Invited talk: The unification of Mathematics via Topos Theory
10:00 J. Adamek
10:35 coffee break
11:00 P. Selinger
11:35 R. Cockett
12:10 R. Walters
12:45 lunch
14:30 E. Cheng
Parallel Sessions
15:05 N. Gurski N. Martins P. Karazeris
15:35 R. Steiner J. Xarez P.L. Lumsdaine
16:05 coffee break
16:30 D. Blanc A.S. Cigoli P. Waszkiewicz
17:00 J. Luna‑Torres A. Montoli E. Galatoulas
17:30 end
Saturday, 26 June
9:00 A. Joyal
Invited talk: The Newton product of chain complexes
10:00 C. Berger
10:35 coffee break
11:00 D. Verity
11:35 D. Pronk
12:10 S. Awodey
12:45 end of CT2010